Consulting - Leading teams

Leadership today is more demanding than ever. Ensuring that communication flows within the team and providing orientation in an increasingly complex environment - these are the main pillars of modern leadership. We help you when things get confusing

Case Clinic

You have an acute problem in your team or project, or are looking for a quick inspirational input, a neutral second opinion or a clue for a possible solution. In the Case Clinic, we will devote up to half a day to examine your case very closely with you.

Crisis management - getting out of the crisis

Crises rob time and energy. We help you to find a way out - so that stability and confidence return to your working environment.

Digital transformation and change

Digital transformation is the buzzword of our time and is now prevalent in every organisation. With COVID 19, even organisations that have not yet moved too far ahead with digitalisation are strongly encouraged to develop this aspect of their practice.

From project to product

Projects are innovation drivers in any organization. You want to develop the good ideas generated in your projects into long-lasting products creating high customer loyalty, positive cash flow and broad support within your own company. We help you turning projects into excellent products and integrating them into a product portfolio.

High Performance Teams

You want to achieve top performance together with your team and strengthen cooperation. You are looking for approaches to develop the team efficiently.
Leading teams

Mediation in a business context

Mediation in the workplace is used to deal with conflict situations between individuals or groups.

Resilience in teams

Resilience is often only associated with individuals. But it is just as important to strengthen the inner resistance of teams (resilience field) and to enable teams to cope with crises and to grow from them.

Supervision / team coaching

Supervision, also known as team coaching, eliminates problem areas within teams to enable successful cooperation.

System and organisational set-ups

It can be that something in an organisational system simply doesn't work, some people don't co-operate, or certain processes are defective, regardless of what has already been done. Constellations can make the causes very visible and enable a solution that does not just combat the symptoms.

Team development

Teams are fragile structures - for them to function, numerous factors must be coordinated.
Leading teams
Leading projects

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