Resilience in teams

Resilience is often only associated with individuals. But it is just as important to strengthen the inner resistance of teams (resilience field) and to enable teams to cope with crises and to grow from them.

Brief description

The core of resilience is always about returning to one's own ability to act, no matter how difficult the circumstances. The field of resilience is influenced by various factors, such as the composition of the team, sense and identity, accountability and commitment, conflict ability, psychological security and the ability to learn.

"Peter didn't get it right again", or "IT is late" - the phenomenon is evident in all organisations and teams: If something doesn't work out somewhere, someone is quickly sought out to blame. Resilient teams, however, do not ask who caused the problem, but look at each situation from their group responsibility: What is the problem?

Examples - Situations where BWI experts can assist

The team leader was very much looking forward to his holiday. But the telephone rings every day with urgent problems and enquiries. He realises that his team addresses all decisions to him. Nobody wants to take responsibility in his absence. The holiday becomes stressful because he cannot meet all the demands.

An analysis of the team composition, with the help of the BWI consultant, makes the imbalance in the team visible. In the team development process , it worked out how the team can deal with its overall responsibility in the current constellation and which persons are best able to take over the unoccupied roles, at least temporarily, on the basis of their personal profiles. This can significantly increase the resilience of the team.

Our offer

In addition to superior communication skills, resilient teams also have a wide range of methodical diagnostic models at their disposal that can help move from the symptom to the cause in a potential-oriented manner and on a factual level. These can include for example, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), weak-point analysis, project reviews and retrospective reports.

According to the systemic principles we make a system diagnosis of your team. The focus is always on our principle "Strengthen strengths". Based on the current strengths in your team, we make suggestions for potential-oriented further development. If necessary, we also integrate instruments for organisational and team diagnostics: Belbin team role model, Bochum Inventory for job-related personality description (BIP) or congrid ® team analysis.

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