Digital transformation and change

Digital transformation is the buzzword of our time and is now prevalent in every organisation. With COVID 19, even organisations that have not yet moved too far ahead with digitalisation are strongly encouraged to develop this aspect of their practice.

Brief description

Our aim is to support your organisation in the transformation to increase digital working in your value chain and to contribute to its success. For a change - especially one as far-reaching as digital transformation - to be successful, it takes far more than proficiency purely at the level of processes, solutions and systems.

As with any change, the right mindset is fundamental. This means that the success of digital transformations lies in converting those affected into participants, also including above all, customers and employees.

Situations where BWI experts can assist

Increased requirements

Due to the digitalisation of distribution channels, the volume of work in the customer service department of a well-known transport company is constantly increasing. The challenge is to handle the increasing volume of work with the same number of staff. With the introduction of a new tool, from a leading global manufacturer of omnichannel management solutions, processes and workflows could be made more efficient.

BWI's change and transformation experts provide support in developing the solution not only in terms of content, but also on actively involving the employees concerned in the development of the solution and in the preparation for going live

Process optimisation

A general contractor in the construction sector wants to diversify in terms of building designs and customer target groups. It turns out, even though production will not change significantly, many processes in the entire interaction chain with customers must be adapted.

With the support of the BWI consultants, the entire user journey is completely reworked, and the processes are continuously adapted to suit it.

Our offer

We advise and support you in complex change and transformation projects - digital or analogue or in the mix that is useful for your company. We clarify your exact concerns and goals with you, work with you to develop a suitable change concept and accompany you during its implementation. You can count on our broad experience in various industries, organisations and environments.

It is especially important to us to respect and integrate everything that has gone well and what has made your organisation unique. How much digitalisation and how quickly an individual decision is needed must be based on what is useful for your organisation. We accompany you step by step.

On site with you
Christian Bachmann, Mike HubmannChristoph von Felten, Andrea Rutishauser (depending on experience with the industry, situation and area)

Please contact us, we will be happy to make you a personal offer. Phone 044 277 70 40