From project to product

Projects are innovation drivers in any organization. You want to develop the good ideas generated in your projects into long-lasting products creating high customer loyalty, positive cash flow and broad support within your own company. We help you turning projects into excellent products and integrating them into a product portfolio.

Example of a typical situation our experts can support you in

The IT-department of an organization had been responsible for developing and enhancing a software-based product. Its added features had mainly been defined and implemented by two software developers and the company's CIO. Sales consequently paid no heed to the product because it was not reliable in its use and lacked important competitive features. Moreover, the sales department’s suggestions for improvement had been repeatedly ignored. Also, the materials created by marketing did not accurately present the functionality and essential use of the product.

As part of a transformation project, the BWI consultant decided to set up a technical product management and clearly aligned the focus of further development with the needs of the market. A customer benefit-based prioritization for new features was established. A hybrid project management methodology then streamlined and accelerated processes and thus enabled a resilient roadmap for any further development. Project management and software development were staffed separately going forward. Sales and marketing started to collect fact-based market needs, which then helped the newly established product owner as a basis for decision-making on any further developments. New features were subsequently documented, trained and their use regularly reviewed. With the stability of the system improved partnerships to implement widely used peripheral systems could be built.

Our offer

  • Embedding a new product within the existing organization (sales, production, development, marketing, QM, etc.)
  • Transforming the internal focus from developer to customer -centric
  • Building fact- and evidence-based models to assess and prioritize products and features
  • Developing models and templates for Cost/Pricing/Commercial Modeling (calculation of costs, derivation of prices, billing models such as flat rate, transactional, subscription, etc.)
  • Calculating Business Cases in a way they represent a holistic profitability analysis of products and services
  • Designing analyses of feasibility
Where we work with you
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