Crisis management - getting out of the crisis

Crises rob time and energy. We help you to find a way out - so that stability and confidence return to your working environment.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Your organisation or project is in what feels like a hopeless situation. Everything you have tried to do to avert this crisis has not worked. Employees are insecure, the way forward is blocked or no longer clear. Whatever you try, costs an enormous amount of energy and does not even begin to produce the desired effect. What was right yesterday seems to be even harmful today. It neither goes forward nor backward and it would be helpful to take a deep breath and look at the situation from the meta-level.

Examples - Situations where BWI experts can assist

The crisis paralyses the team leader's ability to act and, in addition, the project manager has removed herself from a strategic project. The team leader doesn’t have enough capacity to deal with it and is missing the right knowledge or experience in the organisation to deal with the various problem areas. He or she wants input to stabilise the situation and needs to find the space to be able to do some forward thinking.

Together with the team leader, the BWI expert analyses the situation, the environment, and the objectives. Together they decide which next steps are feasible to move forward with the limited planning options. A BWI expert takes over the management of the strategic project for a short bridging period. There is a strong focus on transparent communication with the project team. Coordination of the next steps is continuously carried out and adjusted with the team leader.

Our offer

Our experts will help you to overcome the crisis. Depending on the situation, you will be given advice on how to stabilise a situation or will be supported in specific areas on current topics, such as organising and moderating exchange committees, conflict resolution, role clarification, etc. Or our experts will take on temporary and limited roles with you with the aim of stabilising the crisis.
The offer is as varied as the situations and will be agreed with you in a timely, practical and realistic way. We use the people and means that can help you.

On site with you
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