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Strengthening strengths: The “too much of a good thing” effect

Strengthening strengths is at the heart of the training and consulting philosophy of BWI. We are committed to the potential-driven development of individuals, teams and organizations

Personal Resilience

Pandemics and wars have shown us once again that life is fragile and uncontrollable. Structures that promise safety can quickly dissolve. Our life is embedded in dynamics and change processes that we cannot control. Resilience is the order of the day, on all levels: individuals, teams and organizations. This article focuses on the most researched type of resilience: personal resilience.

Is stress poison or medicine? Only the dosage decides. (Paracelsus)

We all need stress to cope with our challenges. However, too much stress can become risk, not only for ourselves, but also for the quality of our work.

Mindfulness for leadership: Mindfulness implemented in organizations

Why mindfulness is important in today's working world and how it can be effectively implemented by leaders in the company.

Success factors for high performance teams

One of the essential characteristics of high-performance teams is a sense of psychological safety. But is this enough? If we look at different approaches, it quickly becomes clear that other success factors also play a central role.

What is your most valuable asset?

Is it your bank account? Your insurance policy? Your real estate? Your stock options?

Experiencing meaning at work is a pillar for stability and perseverance, especially in turbulent times.

"Man is the only living being who has to explain the world to himself in order to cope with life" - Remo Largo