Supervision / team coaching

Supervision, also known as team coaching, eliminates problem areas within teams to enable successful cooperation.

Brief description

Supervision, also known as team coaching, is about working through, and eliminating difficulties within a team together. This can mean creating mutual understanding, identifying new ways of working together or defining and agreeing on common goals and procedures for the team.

Examples - Situations where BWI experts can assist

A new supervisor is appointed to a team in a social institution. All members of the team are experts in their fields and are used to working autonomously. Their exchanges are purely informative and takes place in collegial meetings, which occur at irregular intervals. The new boss is not an expert in all areas of her staff’s responsibilities, but she has the task of enabling greater efficiency and generating better results in her team. Over time, sub-groups have formed, mostly against the team leader and with different objectives within the groups.

With the team, the BWI expert works with creative motifs to be able to depict the situation from the perspective of all concerned. In this way, all individual viewpoints are seen, heard, and discussed within a collaborative framework. And a joint reorientation of the cooperation can be worked out, with need clarifications and coordination with the functions.

Our offer

Teams often get into cooperative difficulties when they are under pressure, when there are major changes, when new demands are made by new superiors or other additional tasks

The BWI adopts a clear resource-oriented, systemic approach here. There are always good reasons for a situation to arise and much of what is done is good and successful. This attitude, which acknowledges the good things that exist, enables a future-oriented review of the situation in relation to its respective context.

Our experts will clarify the assignment with you and agree framework parameters such as the exchange of information with you as the client, the confidential handling of topics in team meetings, etc. The expert then determines the necessary procedure. Difficult situations in teams are often symptoms of more far-reaching problems in the organisation, which the BWI experts can then analyse with you.

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