Our trainers

From knowledge to skill.

Further education has been the core business of BWI for many years. Not happy to simply impart knowledge, BWI want those they work with, to be able to apply the newly acquired skills. Their wish is to have clients implement new ideas and learnings directly into their day to day work. Therefore, all their trainers are people who have worked for many years in SMEs, Swiss corporations, or multinational organisations. They know the challenges clients face and can respond accordingly to them.

Andrea Rutishauser

More than 30 years of management experience in marketing and communication in multinational corporations and in the management of SMEs. Independent consultant, (team) coach, supervisor and mediator.

Chris Brügger

Co-Founder and Partner at DENKMOTOR GmbH Management Consulting in Zurich.

Christian Bachmann

Many years of experience in international project management. Independent consultant and coach since 2006.
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Claudio Enggist

Diverse experience in leading complex projects in multicultural environments, as well as in project portfolio management. Leadership experience especially in the NGO sector.

Jürg Kuster

Former owner and managing director of BWI, many years of experience as a trainer, consultant and coach with several well-known companies in Switzerland.

Katrin Lüthi

Self-employed organisational consultant, team developer and coach focusing on self-organisation, organisational culture and agility. Many years of experience with adult education.
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Laurence Kozera

Senior consultant with extensive expertise in intercultural management, corporate strategy and conflict management. More than 10 years of experience as a Google Strategic Partner Development Manager
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Marina Stankovic

Since 2011 Performance Coach with focus on optimization of performance and improvement of regeneration (body, psyche, nervous system). Self-employed consultant for companies, private individuals, executives and athletes.

Matthäus Urwyler

Extensive experience as a manager and mentor in international companies and start-ups, as well as working as a senior management consultant at Simon Kucher & Partners and lecturer at the Business Schools HSO, ZfU and the University of St. Gallen on entrepreneurship, business modeling and business administration.

Patrick Schneider

Owner and managing director of Schneider Associates GmbH. Trainer and consultant for excellence in project management.
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Yannick Even

Yannick Even is an expert with 20+ years in the transformation of global organizations into data-driven entities, with a strong focus on responsible use of Data & AI