Mediation in a business context

Mediation in the workplace is used to deal with conflict situations between individuals or groups.

Brief description

The aim is to uncover the motivations and needs behind the hardened positions, which can be understood - even if not agreed upon - by the respective counterparty. Based on this insight, which has been shifted to a deeper level, options for other courses of action can be found with which the parties can come to terms. Binding agreements are made on how future cooperation can be made more valuable for all parties involved.

Examples - Situations where BWI experts can assist

In a care facility there are tensions between a medical professional and an administrative manager. The conflict has been smouldering for years and affects both managers, their staff and sometimes even customers. Productivity is unconsciously or sometimes deliberately sabotaged by the conflict.

The BWI expert conducts a mediation process with both parties through one-on-one interviews and in several sessions, during which the respective needs can be openly discussed and worked through. With small changes in the daily routine, the effectiveness of the agreements reached can be embedded within the care facility.

Our offer

If an open, "hot" conflict flares up within a team, a department or even between departments, or if a hidden conflict has been smouldering for a long time, perhaps "only" on the factual level, mediation can help.

Our experts will discuss the topic with you and clarify which goal is to be achieved.

The respective expert then decides which procedure is appropriate in the respective situation. It is important to know that mediation is always "sympathetic to all needs", i.e. the needs of the parties concerned are given equal weight and are treated in complete confidentiality within the mediation framework. Often conflicts are symptoms of more far-reaching problems in the organisation, which can then be analysed by you with the experts from BWI.

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