Case Clinic

You have an acute problem in your team or project, or are looking for a quick inspirational input, a neutral second opinion or a clue for a possible solution. In the Case Clinic, we will devote up to half a day to examine your case very closely with you. Phone 044 277 70 40

Situations where BWI experts can assist

Unclear objective/orientation

Subgroups are formed in your team, which go in different directions. Only with great effort does the team achieve the results you require at the last moment. There is a lack of common direction and overall responsibility. You would like to know how you and your team can regain a binding focus and a common direction.

Lack of buy-in/communication problems

You have planned and set up your project successfully and have the impression that your project team is working well. Now you hear rumours that resources are wasted in your project or that it might even fail. You cannot validate these rumours and do not know how to act. You need ideas on how to efficiently involve and win over stakeholders in your project.

Insufficient processes/incorrect communication

You are dependent on receiving timely feedback from your team leaders on progress and cost implications. This information comes irregularly, sometimes it is inaccurate or in an unusable form, even though you have been trained several times in the procedure. You need a working approach to make your team leaders aware of the necessity and usefulness of this additional work and to implement it across the board.

Our offer

The Case Clinic methodology is as follows:

3 hours
  • 1 h diagnosis and interpretation, you bring in your case and your challenge
  • 1 h exploration of possible actions and solutions with our experts
  • 1 h Joint evaluation of the variants and definition of possible concrete action steps
Online, at BWI or at your place
900 CHF
Andrea Rutishauser, Christian BachmannMike Hubmann or other Consultants of BWI 

After a brief discussion on the phone, we will put the person(s) with the most relevant knowledge and experience about your topic at your side.

Please contact us: Phone 044 277 70 40