Customized seminars

If your organization is going through a period of change, you may need a systematic training plan tailored to your individual needs. We are at your disposal for this and will create your in-house seminar together with you.

Choose the right offer

We offer in-house seminars in three different variants:

  1. The contents of a public seminar only for your employees
  2. The contents of a public seminar adapted and enriched with topics that are particularly relevant in your situation
  3. A completely customized seminar tailored to your organization

All three variants have in common that they are held either at your organization or at a location of your choice and exclusively for your employees.

In our entire approach, it is a central concern of ours that we facilitate an optimal transfer of what has been learned into practice for your employees and that they can work as much as possible on the case studies that occur in their reality. In this way, we ensure that all the knowledge acquired can actually be integrated in a useful and usable way in everyday life.

Our in-house seminars can be supplemented with further coaching, which has proven itself time and time again, particularly in the support of management personnel. Other consulting services can also be combined, such as team development or conflict management.

Contact us to discuss your specific situation and find the right solution for your organization. Phone 044 360 57 57