The principles of successful leadership

Skillful leadership of teams is a competence that can be learned like a craft. This seminar provides a basic tool kit and procedures for team leadership. It helps create clarity about tasks and competences in the new role as a team leader.

You want to

  • Professionally develop and consolidate your leadership skills after having made first steps in your new role
  • Develop an awareness of the expectations and responsibilities associated with the leadership role

You need

  • A stronger security in your leadership work
  • Methods and tools to decisively influence the performance and results of your employees

You bring

  • Completed start into your first role as a leader
  • Willingness to reflect on your own actions
  • Openness for discussion with the seminar colleagues

You learn

  • To consciously deal with the role of a leader
  • To apply Leadership methods and leadership techniques in practice in order to successfully carry out your leadership tasks in practice
  • In exchange with the trainer and participants to distinguish your own behaviour patterns and to optimise them
  • To adapt your leadership behaviour to the requirements of the respective employees/ managers in each situation

Topics covered by the seminar

Essentials of leadership

  • Leadership understanding and leadership tasks
  • Role of the supervisor

Important management activities

  • Objective, planning, decision
  • Management and control of the achievement of objectives
  • Problem-solving methodology
  • Self Management

Essential elements of leadership behaviour

  • Communication
  • Working in a team
  • Principles of conflict management

Methods that are used

  • Trainer inputs and discussions
  • Individual and group work
  • Exercises and role plays
  • Case handling and transfer into your daily practice
  • Processing of concrete situations from the participants' everyday leadership life


Participants receive written or electronic course material.

What is the difference between classroom and online seminars?

The classroom seminar lasts 3 days; the online seminar is divided into 4 half-day modules. In the classroom seminar, additional topics such as self-management and various exercises on cooperation, communication and group dynamics are carried out. This allows for a more in-depth examination of these topics in classroom training. The processing of corresponding participant questions is, however, equally possible in both the online and classroom training.

Max. Teilnehmer
3 days
2850 CHF
(2600 CHF for each additional employee of the same company attending the same seminar)