Conducting successful negotiations

Competence in conducting negotiations is one of the determining factors for success in every one’s life – professional or private. To be a successful negotiator requires awareness for one’s own interests and objectives but also a keen sense for the other party and their interests. As a negotiator you need to know about all the essential techniques and approaches you can bring to the table and you need to develop your ability to read and interpret signs and behaviours of others. In this seminar you will learn everything necessary to negotiate with confidence and competence and you will even come to enjoy seemingly challenging situations.

You want to

  • Feel more confident in any kind of negotiation
  • Be capable to understand and anticipate the other party’s interests and moves
  • Be able to structure and manage negotiations in an organized way
  • Achieve good and sustainable results for yourself and your organization or team in negotiations with customers or other internal or external parties

You need

  • Methods how to prepare well for a negotiation
  • Instruments to define your approach and potential moving space in a negotiation
  • Approaches to better defend your own interests and objectives
  • Tips and tricks to read the other party and approach them accordingly
  • An understanding of the different approaches and techniques in negotiation overall
  • An approach to understanding and dealing with potential conflicting situations

You bring

  • Your interest and curiosity to develop your own negotiation skills
  • Your own live case studies and situations to work on in the seminar
  • A willingness and openness to share your situations with others and to learn from each other

You learn

  • discern between methods and techniques of negotiation in general and to choose the rights strategy for your negotiations
  • conduct negotiations with confidence and calm
  • prepare and structure negotiations
  • be aware of and grasp the potential in any given situation in an ongoing negotiation
  • to consciously use argumentation techniques and negotiation tactics

Topics covered in the seminar

  • Proper preparation and planning of negotiations
  • Choice of the appropriate negotiation strategy (e.g. Harvard concept)
  • Creating an optimal setting for any negotiation
  • The power of questioning techniques in the negotiation process
  • Nonverbal communication, interpretation of body signals
  • Argumentation techniques and confident handling of objections
  • Creating win-win solutions through cooperative strategies
  • Dealing with unfair tactics and tricks
  • How to approach different business cultures

Methods used

  • Educational input, short presentations
  • Discussion and exchange of experiences among participants
  • Resolving actual practical cases of the participants
  • Role plays and simulations of negotiation situations
  • Through group and trainer feedback, individual solutions are developed for all participants in their own negotiation situations, which can be directly put into practice.


You will receive documents in digital form, which can be accessed in your personal login area on the BWI homepage.

Laurence Kozera
Max. numero di persone
2 days
1900 CHF
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.