Leadership for new leaders

Entering into a leadership role is a great career move and at the same time a new challenge that requires good preparation and appropriate tools. This course is based on the three levels of self-leadership, team leadership and operational leadership. From these perspectives, you will learn and apply modern and proven leadership methods and attitudes. This knowledge will empower you as you step into your new responsibilities. It is a very practice-oriented seminar, which provides you with targeted options for action in a wide range of situations and challenges. You will learn to use tools and perspectives that will support you in developing your own leadership personality and thus contributing to a successful organization.

You want to

  • Confidently move into a leadership role, with the appropriate tools at hand
  • Reflect on yourself as a leader and exchange ideas with others
  • Get to know useful models, methodologies and tools that bring immediate benefits in everyday work life
  • Learn from others in similar situations

You need

  • An understanding of what leadership actually means today
  • A validation of your own preferred leadership style
  • To work on on self-leadership for your own sustainable development and reflection
  • An understanding of team mechanisms and levels of collaboration
  • Ideas and tools on how to create the conditions and the environment for high impact teams
  • Methods on how to align team collaboration (purpose) and performance (goals)
  • Procedures for building trust with other people and teams
  • Tools for communication and confrontation in diverse challenges in teams
  • Tools for continuous joint, solution-oriented learning in complex environments

You bring

  • Recent experience with or upcoming assumption of a leadership role; or recent expansion of your leadership role from a previously very small team (1-2 employees) to a larger one
  • Willingness to discuss your own situations in a group setting
  • Openness to reflect on your own actions
  • Enjoyment of open exchange

You will learn:

  • How to make use of a wide range of modern concepts and tools for leadership - in classic, hybrid or agile organizations
  • To find your way in your role as a leader in today's constant change and transformation
  • To define useful, helpful procedures for your environment that will guide you step by step in everyday life

Topics covered by the seminar

  • Your own leadership style on the Leadership Continuum
  • Examination of your own guiding values and team values
  • Commitment to the team: Fixed / Growth Mindset, Empowerment
  • Delegation of tasks, including responsibility and authority to decide
  • Leadership of employees with different levels of maturity
  • Promoting learning and development through exchange
  • The principle of self-responsibility and ownership in the team
  • Multiperspectivity and diversity - what is important in the set up of teams
  • Communication, dialogue and appreciation in various situations
  • Building and expanding psychological safety in the team as the basis for successful collaboration
  • Dealing with resistance - in yourself and in the team
  • Confident handling of leadership in complexity
  • Enabling team effectiveness through reflective planning and structuring of the exchange with each other
  • Models, methods and tools will be discussed in theory as well as tested in application on your own situations and reflected upon together in the seminar

Methods that are used

  • Teaching input
  • Preparatory task
  • Transfer tasks: Committed actions to implement in your own field of activity
  • Case work - on your own current cases and situations
  • Individual reflection
  • Group work
  • Learning dossier/handout
  • Depending on the needs and current challenges of the seminar participants, the focus of individual topics can be adapted accordingly in consultation with all participants.

Coaching included in the seminar price

It is easier to transfer what has been learnt into everyday life if you have someone to reflect on a topic of interest. Therefore, we include one hour of coaching in the seminar. The coaching must be used within two months after the seminar


You will receive documents in digital form, which can be accessed in your personal login area on the BWI homepage.

Friday, 08 November 2024, 09.00 AM until 05.30 PM
Tuesday, 12 November 2024, 09.00 AM until 05.30 PM
Tuesday, 26 November 2024, 09.00 AM until 05.30 PM
Laurence Kozera
Max. number of seats
3 days
2950 CHF
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.