Dates and Venues:

19. - 20.03.2020
Technopark Zürich, Zürich

20. - 21.08.2020
Technopark Zürich, Zürich

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2 days


Day 1: 8.30 – 17.30 h

Day 2: 8.30 – 17.30 h


Christian Bachmann

Number of participants

12 persons

Seminar rates 2019

CHF 1900.– per person (incl. lunch)

(CHF 1750.– for each additional employee of the same company attending the same seminar)


Participants receive a written documentation for reference with in-depth information on the seminar topic.

nächste Durchführung: 19. - 20.03.2020

Technopark Zürich, Zürich

Preis CHF 1900.– (inkl. Lunch)


In this seminar, the focus is on your personal competences: Project and leadership work always challenge you in your work technique, in your time management, in dealing with stress or difficult decision-making.

On the subject

Project management and leadership work place high demands on personal competencies. At the methodological level, it is about optimizing personal work techniques and time management and broadening skills in dealing with prioritization, disruption or decision making. On the personal level, it is about issues that directly or indirectly promote resilience: dealing with stress and failure, developing the ability to act and protect limits. Self-reflection is increased and with it the ability to reflect and develop personal perception and evaluation from a meta-level.

Target audience

Individuals from private and public organizations of all sectors and sizes who, as specialists, in project work or as leaders, would like to shape their own personal and professional development largely independent from external influences. You already have experience in project or leadership work.

Your benefit

  • You optimize your personal working technique
  • You derive your priorities from your personal goals
  • You design your communication processes effectively
  • You improve the handling of contradictions and tensions
  • You recognize and protect your own boundaries
  • You develop appropriate decision-making techniques
  • You recognize the factors influencing your personal resilience and develop them further
  • You recognize the positive qualities of stress and make them applicable for you
  • You learn from failure

Benefits for your company

If the energy of the employees is in balance, this is an important prerequisite for the project and leadership success. Your employees know their personal priorities and have an effective way of working with their working time. You can identify dilemmas and contradictions in your work at the source, make it transparent and develop constructive solutions.


  • Personal Resilience
  • Time management matrix: distinction between urgency and importance
  • Energy competence: Recognizing and protecting the most productive time
  • Personal goals and priorities
  • Self-reflection ability
  • Create a personal work plan
  • Dealing with information overload
  • Dealing with time thieves and "procrastination"
  • Decision-making techniques

Organization and methods

The seminar conveys the content by means of short presentations as well as practical examples. The important topics are developed and deepened in single reflections or small groups. You can also contribute personal experiences and challenges. Your willingness to actively engage with the topic both on a factual and personal level is expected.


  • Self-management in Projects (Christian Bachmann)
  • Project work is always a challenge for the personal energy balance. Projects with great time pressure and recurring changes are often contrary to the basic human needs for control, stability and stable relations. In this seminar we are working on the tension between the project and the human being. At the methodical level, the aim is to optimize personal work technique and time management, as well as expand competencies in dealing with prioritization, disruption and decision-making. On a personal level, all seminar topics focus on the strengths of personal resilience: we deal with the positive and negative aspects of stress, discuss the issue of failure and learn to use the meaning of work as a source of energy.