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Dates and Venues:

17. + 24. + 31.03.2020
Technopark Zürich, Zürich

30.09. - 02.10.2020
Technopark Zürich, Zürich

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3 days


Day 1: 8.30 - 17.30 h

Day 2: 8.30 - 17.30 h


Christian Bachmann
Patrick Schneider

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Number of participants

12 persons

Seminar rates 2020

CHF 2850.– per person (incl. lunch)

(CHF 2600.– for each additional employee of the same company attending the same seminar)


Participants receive written or electronic course material.

nächste Durchführung: 17. - 31.03.2020

Technopark Zürich, Zürich

Preis CHF 2850.– (inkl. Lunch)


Projects are social systems. Understanding and designing them is crucial for the success of a project. Therefore your social competences are the focus of this seminar.

From professionals for professionals

Our trainers have many years of practical experience in the implementation of complex projects. Use their experience and knowledge for the successful handling of your own projects.

On the subject

Do you still work in a group or already in a team? Can critical points be addressed in your project, or is everyone nice to each other? The team cannot be "made" successful by the project manager or Scrum Master. Rather, the success of the project depends on the leadership qualities of all project participants. This includes the design of team roles (Belbin), intercultural cooperation, communication and motivation. Another focus is conflict management. Project work is a conflict-exposed activity, and one problem with conflicts is that they are personalized prematurely. A systematic conflict diagnosis teaches you to differentiate between cause and symptom and to process the conflicts in a target-oriented way.

Target audience

Persons from private and public organisations of all sizes and from all sectors who work on a project as experts or project managers, regardless of whether the project is handled in an agile, traditional or hybrid way. You already have experience in project work and have attended the seminar "Project Management Methodology and Instruments" or an equivalent training.

Your benefit

  • You will develop and design a personal project landscape based on stakeholder management approaches
  • You will learn to analyse and influence the effect of interpersonal communication
  • Using the Belbin® Team Role Model you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your project organisation
  • You create a working environment that enables motivation, creativity and personal responsibility
  • You recognise resistance and conflicts and can work on them effectively

Benefits for your company

  • The project teams learn to take personal responsibility and to be able to act, and thus to escalate fewer problems
  • Better success rate in challenging projects, which are particularly sensitive to social complexity
  • Better management of social risk factors


  • Stakeholder management and force field analysis
  • Cooperation in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams
  • Conducting conversations and chairing meetings
  • Team Development
  • Effective design of project roles
  • Belbin® Team Roles
  • Conflict management


The seminar conveys the contents on the basis of short presentations on the topic as well as practical examples. The important subjects are worked out and deepened in small groups. You can also contribute your own project situations. You are expected to be willing to actively deal with the topic on both a factual and a personal level.

Our recommendation

For further consolidation after this seminar we recommend a visit to the seminar "Project Management – Guidance and Collaboration" or "Agile Project Management".

Are you still working in a group or already in a team? Can critical issues be addressed in your project, or are they all nice to each other? The successful team can not be "made" by project leaders or scrum masters. Much more they rely on a high social competence of all parties involved, in terms of communication, the design of (intercultural) cooperation, motivation or team dynamics. Another focus is on conflict management. Project work is a conflict-exposed activity and a problem of conflicts is that they are prematurely personalized. Through a careful conflict diagnosis, you learn to differentiate between cause and symptom and to process it purposefully.