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Technopark Zürich, Zürich

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Christian Bachmann
Patrick Schneider

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max. 12 Personen

Seminarpreis 2014

CHF 950.– pro Person (inkl. Lunch)


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nächste Durchführung: 08.11.2019

Technopark Zürich, Zürich

Preis CHF 950.– (inkl. Lunch)


In this practical seminar, you will deepen your skills as a project manager of traditional or hybrid projects with a focus on project planning, cost estimation and project controlling.

From professionals for professionals

Our trainers have many years of practical experience in the implementation of complex projects. Use their experience and knowledge for the successful handling of your own projects.

On the subject

The successful completion of complex projects requires in-depth methodological knowledge of traditional and hybrid project models. A comprehensive planning concept must be developed in order to define the process, deadlines, resources and costs of a project as realistically as possible. On this basis you keep your project on course with the instruments of project controlling.

Target audience

Project managers and sub-project managers from private and public organisations of all sectors and sizes as well as resource managers in the line organisation who focus on traditional and hybrid process models. Prerequisite is the attendance of the seminar "Project Management Methodology and Instruments" or an equivalent training.

Your benefit

  • You can apply the methods of traditional and hybrid project management according to the situation
  • You know how to check the feasibility of project proposals, obtain relevant information, structure and plan projects and set up an efficient and meaningful project controlling
  • You recognise which project organisation form fits to your line organisation in the company
  • You recognise the interdependence of the individual methodical instruments for successful project management
  • You understand how to complement traditional project management with agile project management approaches and develop a hybrid project management form tailored to your situation

Benefits for your company

  • Develop a situational and efficient hybrid project management through the combination of traditional and agile elements
  • Increased security in project planning and controlling
  • Coordination and optimisation of the company-wide use of resources through an effective and efficient approach to the project
  • Optimisation of lead time for time-critical projects


  • Integration of the project organisation into the line organisation
  • Feasibility study
  • Analysis methods and information retrieval
  • Work packages, deliverables
  • Scheduling and time planning
  • Resource planning
  • Cost planning
  • Cost estimate
  • Requirement specification, functional specification
  • Project controlling
  • Combination of classic and agile elements for a hybrid project management
  • Correct selection of the appropriate procedure model (agile, traditional, hybrid)


In order to achieve an optimal transfer to practice, the seminar topics are provided and discussed using current case studies from the practice of the participants. The case studies are supplemented by a balanced ratio of teaching conversations and short presentations. Your active cooperation, including your practical experience, will enrich the learning process and the mutual exchange.

Our recommendation

For further consolidation after this seminar we recommend the visit of the seminar "Agile Project Management".

Successfully completing complex projects requires in-depth methodological knowledge of classic and hybrid project models. A comprehensive planning concept has to be developed in order to define the process, deadlines, resources and costs of a project as realistically as possible. On this basis, the project controlling tools can keep your project on course.