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Dates and Venues:

14. + 21. + 28.11.2018
Technopark Zürich, Zürich

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3 days


Start on day 1: 9 a.m.

End on day 3: 5 p.m.


Christian Bachmann
Patrick Schneider

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Number of participants

12 persons

Seminar rates 2018

CHF 2950.– per person (incl. lunch)

(CHF 2700.– for each additional employee of the same company attending the same seminar)


Participants receive a written documentation for reference with in-depth information on the seminar topic.

nächste Durchführung: 14. - 28.11.2018

Technopark Zürich, Zürich

Preis CHF 2950.– (inkl. Lunch)


Deepen the soft skills in projects

On the subject

In many organizations, project or subproject management is not a formal, but an informal management task. Often, there is a great discrepancy between the responsibilities of project managers and the competences and empowerments that are made available to them by the organization. This seminar aims to expand your capabilities to act in this informal role, be it leadership, motivation or communication. Another focus is conflict management. Project work is a very conflict-oriented activity and a problem of conflicts is that these are rashly personalized. Through careful conflict diagnosis, you also learn to recognize the purpose and the benefits of the conflicts and to solve them out in a targeted manner.

Target audience

The seminar addresses to people from private and public organizations of all sectors and sizes, which want to become more competent as project managers and members in the management of complex projects. You already have experience in methodical project management. It is necessary to attend the seminar "Project Management - Methodology and Instruments" or an equivalent training in project methodology.

Your Benefits

  • You create free rooms with management by delegation
  • You become familiar with the model of situational leadership
  • You recognize resistances and conflicts and can solve them effectively
  • You learn how interpersonal communication works and can analyse and influence the resulting effect
  • Based on the Belbin® Team Role model, you compare your self-image with structured perceptions of others to develop a higher sense of how you affect others
  • You expand your competences in terms of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors
  • You know the success factors for the design of change processes

Benefits for your company

  • Better success rate for difficult projects, which are very sensitive especially with regard to social complexity
  • More effective meetings by means of a targeted preparation of the meeting, with goal clarification as well as deliberately chosen meeting technology
  • More aware in leadership and moderation of project teams
  • Confident handling of resistance and conflicts


  • Team leadership and motivation
  • Collaboration in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams
  • Conversation and feedback
  • Moderation and leading meetings
  • Team development and roll clarification
  • Belbin® team roles
  • Design of change processes
  • Negotiation competences


The seminar presents the content on the basis of brief presentations on the background as well as many practical examples. The important project processes are developed and deepened in small groups. You can also bring in your own project situation. Your willingness to actively deal with the issue both on a factual and on a personal level is expected.

The soft skills of a project manager are getting as important as the methodical competence for the execution of complex projects. Mainly in interdisciplinary project teams or in matrix-organised companies the project manager needs leadership competence and communication strengths.