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Are you still presenting or already fascinating?

About the topic

The word "infotainment" comes from the television language and states: Information must be mixed with entertainment such that nobody wants to switch anymore. The same goes for your presentation.
Matthias Pöhm keeps the bet that you can pack every dry topic in such a way that the audience hang on your every word. When the audience follows your words, it also follows your concern.
You only have TWO minutes until the audience has formed an opinion about you. Therefore it is important to avoid mistakes!
In this training-intensive power rhetoric workshop M. Pöhm reveals to you how you radiate charisma right from the start - Such that people end up saying, "Bought!".

Your company wants to be different from any other, so your presentations must be different!

Matthias Pöhm, the professional speaker, public speaking trainer and founder of the Anti-PowerPoint party, knows that you can present even the driest topics in a way which makes the audience listen with fascination.

Your company’s benefit

  • Your leaders and employees are more successful in transmitting their knowledge, opinions and convictions
  • Fascinating speeches and presentations will directly influence corporate culture


  • How does persuasion really work - The hidden switch in the subconscious ​
  • How to bring important messages across in a way that people trust it
  • What is PowerPoint really doing?
  • The alternative to PowerPoint with 3 times more impact

Video: Learn public speaking

Do you think that you can learn how to speak so that people hang on your every word? Matthias Pöhm, former professional speaker and moderator, is convinced that you can present even the driest of topics in a way, which makes the audience listen with fascination. Presentation techniques have changed within the past 15 years - entertainment instead of boredom – that's today's motto! You won't succeed without putting on a show. During this unique power public speaking seminar, you will learn how to radiate charisma, how to use metaphors effectively and finally, how to trigger fascination.