Peter Klein

Managing Director of "Integral Systemics", has been leading constellations, author and international trainer of the Inner Form® teaching system for 25 years

Training, experience and skills

  • Managing Director "Integral Systemics
  • International trainer Lehrsystem Innere Form© (Germany, Austria Switzerland)
  • Constellation experience since 1992 / 25 years of constellation management
  • Member of the Board infosyon (International Network for System Constellations); Development & PR
  • Executive Coach
  • ""Flamme des Friedens" (Flame of Peace), Habsburg-Preisträger, Verleihung in der Wiener Hofburg 2017
  • Book author; among others "Das Aufstellungsbuch"; Das Wiener Systemische Resilienz-Modell (erscheint Herbst 2020)

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