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Who we are

In February 2020, BWI's field of activity was expanded under the perspective of "Consulting - Further Education - Inspiration" and the proven range of further education was supplemented with comprehensive consulting. This makes us the holistic partner for leaders, teams and organisations in transformation, change and further development.

Our purpose

We strengthen the strengths of people, teams and organisations.

Our drive

We recognise the existing strengths and abilities of people and organisations. We are convinced that resistance is an opportunity if existing strengths are used and combined with new skills. In this way, people and organisations can perform and use the ever-present change for their own sustainable transformation.

Our goal

Further training combined with counselling and guidance is what we do. Our goal is to create inspired and resilient people, teams and organisations.

What do we do differently

  • We combine training and consulting for the benefit of our customers and ensure the transfer into practice.
  • We practice what we teach and vice versa

Our core competences

Our offer focuses on leadership in all areas of the organisation, including leadership of oneself - because we believe that only those who know and can lead themselves are capable of leading others.

Your benefit - our unique selling point: complementary consulting and further training

  • You will receive up-to-date practical knowledge on topics relevant to you.
  • Knowledge becomes skill - everything you learn can be immediately applied to cases from your everyday life.
  • Your organisation has unique capabilities that have made it strong - we build on these and link them to helpful approaches to address its current and future challenges
  • When we train your employees, we can identify the issues facing your organisation and can therefore provide targeted advice
  • When we advise you, we identify the knowledge helpful to your organisation and therefore can train your employees in a targeted manner

You receive support when, where and how you need it - simple, clear, and reliable.

consulting@bwi.ch Phone 044 360 57 57