Strengthen resilience - increase effectiveness

Personal resilience describes the ability to master challenges with one's own resources and to grow with them. The be-all and end-all of a resilient basic attitude is to recognise how, in every situation, however challenging, one can retain the personal ability to act. The seminar is based on the fundamentals of positive psychology. Those who know their personal strengths and are able to use and develop them in a goal-oriented way, see themselves as effective, experience meaning and draw energy and intrinsic motivation from it.

You want

  • Getting to know yourself better
  • Being able to deal better with your own resources

You need

  • Better personal work planning
  • Opportunities to strengthen your own energy

You bring

  • Willingness to actively deal with the topic on both the factual and personal level
  • Your own challenges into the discussion
  • Openness to work on yourself and exchange with others

You learn

  • To know your personal strengths of character and use them consciously
  • To optimize your personal working technique
  • To know your most important roles and priorities
  • To improve your own handling of contradictions and tensions
  • To recognize and protect your own limits and develop suitable decision-making techniques
  • To assess factors influencing your personal resilience

Topics covered by the seminar

  • 5 pillars of positive psychology
  • VIA-IS: Inventory of personal character strengths
  • Time Management
  • Energy competence: Identifying and protecting the most productive working time
  • Personal roles, goals and priorities
  • Self-reflective ability
  • Creating a personal work plan
  • Dealing with flood of information
  • Dealing with time thieves and procrastination
  • Impulse control and discipline
  • Sense as an intrinsic motivator

Methods that are used

  • In preparation for this seminar you will do a self-assessment of your personal character strengths (VIA-IS).
  • During the seminar, the contents are discussed by means of short theory input presentations and practical examples
  • The important topics are deepened in individual reflections or small groups
  • You can also contribute personal experiences and challenges


Participants receive a written documentation for reference with in-depth information on the seminar topic.

Mittwoch, 27. April 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Donnerstag, 28. April 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Freitag, 06. Mai 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Christian Bachmann
Max. Teilnehmer
Online Seminar
3 days
2850 CHF
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.