Shaping and managing Change and Transformation

In the face of rapid and unpredictable development around organizational life, the constructive handling of change has become a key success factor for companies. Often it is not the new approach to doing things that defines the success of a change but rather the acceptance, the willingness and ability of the people in the company to implement it. People with leadership responsibility are particularly challenged in this regard, as they are tasked with the implementation of change and are often at the center of friction between the company's top decision makers and the people working “on the front lines”.

In this seminar you will learn which factors influence the choice of the appropriate change approach. You will learn about the different phases of planning and implementation in change – looking at methods and tools both in agile and hybrid processes. Special attention is paid to handling change with regard to teams and individuals while preparing for as well as during change.

You want

  • To build /expand knowledge of transformation and change and learn about various, practical approaches for upcoming changes

You need

You bring

You learn

Topics covered in the seminar

Methods that are used

  • In order to achieve a really helpful transmission of the learnings into every day practice, the seminar contents will be applied and discussed using participants’ case studies
  • The case studies are supplemented by instructional discussions and short presentations.


You will receive documents in digital form, which will be available for download in your personal login area on the BWI homepage.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Freitag, 16. September 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Freitag, 30. September 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Andrea Rutishauser
Max. Teilnehmer
Online Seminar
3 Days
2850 CHF
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.