Master your talk: Presenting clearly, effectively and to the point

Everytime you present anything in front of an audience you are engaging in a quite complicated process. The content you convey, your voice, and your body language interact on multiple levels and affect what content reaches the audience and how you as a speaker come across. Plus, your perception and the audience’s perception of it all play a role as well. The brain does not simply perceive it actually creates perception. I.e. perception is never perfectly objective and can vary from person to person as it is based on prior experiences (e.g. as the “Bayesian brain hypothesis” states). That makes it even harder to work on how you are perceived as a speaker and work on your own unwelcome speaking habits.

In this training we will be answering questions like: “How do I come across when I present?”, “What strengths do I have that I can use to my advantage?”, “How do I deal with speaking habits that I have?”, “How can I make sure that my point comes across as intended?”

After this training you will have the tools necessary to work on your talk’s content, your voice, and your body language and will thus have gained confidence in your speaking ability.

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Mittwoch, 01. Juni 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Donnerstag, 02. Juni 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Katharina Wellstein
Max. Teilnehmer
Memox Albisrieden in Zürich
Albisriederstrasse 199
8047 Zürich
2 days
1900 CHF
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.