Agile project management

The demands on projects are increasing. Better results must be achieved in shorter time. The agile methods and procedures promise exactly this. But firstly, it is important to identify which problems and goals really lead to faster and better results with agile methods. This seminar teaches the success factors for agile approaches and the general conditions to meet demands of the client.

You want to

  • Learning Agile Principles and Scrum
  • Know the tool to master agile projects

You need

  • Methodical foundations for agile project management
  • Knowledge about faster and more cost-effective ways of handling development and innovation projects

You bring

  • Experience in project work (prospective Product Owners and Scrum Master, employee in agile teams, project manager, product manager, coach, consultant responsible for project management, human resources and organizational development, client or program and portfolio manager
  • Possible attendance of the seminar "Project Management - Methodology Basics" as it would serve as a helpful basis

You will learn

  • Know and understand the basic principles and elements of agile approach
  • Assess when an agile approach is worthwhile and when it is not
  • Know the main application possibilities and know when and how you can use the relevant elements in a project
  • Know concrete measures for the implementation of your findings and define and document these

Topics covered by the seminar

Basics of agile project management:

  • Agile values and principles for agile projects
  • Principles of Lean
  • Overview agile methods
  • Mastering complexity
  • Decision support for agile, hybrid or classic approach

Apply Scrum:

  • Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team
  • Agile project planning / planning levels
  • Product vision and product concept
  • Analyse and evaluate stakeholders
  • Product backlog
  • Prioritization of requirements
  • Sprint planning, backlog, review
  • Estimate of expenditure
  • Transparency: Definition of Done
  • Progress Review, Daily Scrum
  • Continuous improvement / Retrospective
  • Working in parallel teams

Soft skills:

  • Self-control and self-organisation
  • Collegial leadership
  • Trust
  • Leadership redefined

Methods that are used

  • To achieve an optimal transfer of practical experience, seminar topics will be applied and discussed using current case studies from the participants' business practice
  • The case studies are supplemented by a balanced ratio of teaching discussions and short presentations


You will receive documents in digital form, which can be accessed in your personal login area on the BWI homepage.

Donnerstag, 17. November 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Freitag, 18. November 2022, 08.30 bis 17.00
Katrin Lüthi
Max. Teilnehmer
Memox Albisrieden in Zürich
Albisriederstrasse 199
8047 Zürich
2 days
CHF 1900
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.