Fresh Impulses through Modern Leadership Concepts - english

You have been successfully leading people and teams for years and are experienced in your role. Nevertheless, you might sometimes feel the urge to learn if there are other modern leadership methods and attitudes available? Or maybe you find yourself increasingly confronted with topics in your everyday life that you are not yet familiar with and which perhaps make you feel a little insecure? You would like to exchange experiences with other long-time managers? Then this seminar is right for you: You will get to know modern models, methods and tools of leadership and also apply them immediately to your personal situations. You will take inspiration, new thoughts, appreciation and the desire to test and use new things back to your everyday life.

You want to

  • To learn modern leadership concepts and tools for different organizational environments
  • To exchange ideas with other experienced leaders
  • New thoughts and inspiration

You want to

  • New inputs for new situations in leadership
  • To get to know enriching models, methodologies and tools that bring immediate benefits to your everyday life
  • Time to share with others and learn from their experiences

You bring

  • Many years of leadersh experience
  • Curiosity and interest to learn and engage
  • Willingness to discuss your own situations in the group
  • Openness to reflect on your own actions

You learn

  • To be familiar with a wide range of modern concepts and tools for leadership - in classic, hybrid or agile organizations
  • To reflect on your role as a leader in today's ever-changing environment
  • About a wide range of tools, apply and integrate them into your daily professional life

Topics covered in the seminar

  • Examination of your own working environment in relation to complexity
  • Helpful ways of thinking in complex environments
  • Value-oriented team collaboration
  • Reflection on your own leadership maturity
  • Dealing with diversity / promoting diversity and multi-perspectivity in the team
  • Your own perception of people as a basis for establishing a growth mindset
  • Establishment and use of a good learning culture (dealing with mistakes, dealing with failure)
  • Establishing and expanding psychological safety as the basis for successful collaboration
  • From performance evaluation to a development dialogue
  • Viable and sustainable decision making
  • Reflection on the effectiveness of your team and getting to know new
  • Methods for planning and organization
  • New tools in team collaboration
  • Maintaining your effectiveness as a leader

Methods that are used

  • Teaching input
  • Preparatory task
  • Transfer tasks: Cmmitted actions to implement in your field of activity
  • Case work - on your own current cases and situations
  • Individual reflection
  • Group work
  • Learning dossier/handout
  • Depending on the needs and current challenges of the seminar participants, the focus of individual topics can be adapted accordingly in consultation with all participants.

Coaching included in the seminar price

It is easier to transfer what has been learnt into everyday life if you have someone to reflect on a topic of interest. Therefore, we include one hour of coaching in the seminar. The coaching must be used within two months after the seminar.


You will receive documents in digital form, which can be accessed in your personal login area on the BWI homepage.

Andrea Rutishauser
Max. Teilnehmer
3 days
2950 CHF
Since it is easier to learn with a familiar face: Bring your best colleague from the company and benefit from a 10% discount from the second participant onwards.

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